Meditation or the more modern term mindfulness is the art of being present.

There are many forms of meditation. Silent or more active ones. 

The most common form of meditation is focussing on something, like your breath or a mantra.


To make it really simple and if you want to start somewhere:

Take 5 - 20 mins of your time at any given day

Make sure you are undisturbed

Sit in any way that is comfortable for your body

Shift from thinking to feeling your breath

You can either feel the movement of your breath in your chest, which will open your heart in time

Or you can feel the movement of your breath in your belly below the belly button,

which will give you a deeper sense of being grounded and centered over time.


In sessions I use a lot of mindfulness as part of the experiential part of the session.

I often design a specific meditation practise for each person according to what was showing up in the session.

It is recommended to choose a meditation style or practise that suits you.

Otherwise it will be too difficult to stick with it.

It is best to stay with one practise for some time to know how it is affecting you.