I've been working with Karima for many years and I still get surprised by the things I discover in our sessions.

She is the most patient, present and compassionate person I know and she has helped me navigate some difficult territory.


I’ve been seeing Karima now for sessions for close to 20 years and in that time, she has helped me navigate some of life’s most difficult situations and obstacles. Always with a compassionate heart and with an inner wisdom. Hers comes from her personally having done her own inner journey. She works from a place of presence and consciousness and can hold a safe loving space for me to face the darkest shadowy parts of my psyche and help transform them into peace.

She also can explain difficult feelings and emotions in simple and easy-to-understand ways, as sometimes it can get overwhelming and confusing to navigate our inner world, always without judgment and bathed in compassion and understanding.
Her presence also helps to find the wisdom within, she helps guide my inner wisdom and facilitates tapping into my higher self.
She has been a North Star, a Guiding Light and a Guardian Angel. 
I have no idea how I would have navigated many aspects of life without some of the techniques, wisdom and compassion Karima has shown me over the many years I’ve been seeing her.
I can strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to engage on an inner journey and looking for a wise mentor to help guide them.
10 stars out of 5!!!


Karima is one of the most beautiful and gifted therapists. I have participated in her workshops and knew that one day I wanted to work in a one-to-one situation with her. Looking for a deeper spiritual connection to my life and myself that time came earlier this year. Working with Karima has been the most heartwarming experience. Her work is profoundly intuitive and empowering. Karima has guided me through my fear, pain and blocks to have a direct experience with my true essence – to the knowledge that is held in my body, to a place of complete beauty and gratitude. I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to work with her.



I love coming to see you, Karima, to me you are an amazing being who has so much knowledge and truth. I feel that I can overcome anything with your help and always feel hopeful whenever I come across a difficult situation. It is very nice to know there is someone who can understand anything and not hold any judgment.



To me, you are a life coach, connector, listener, counsellor, friend, confidant and healer. Providing me with a safe place to walk through/break down barriers that I have often unconsciously imposed on myself and my life. I always leave our sessions with a breakthrough. A new understanding of myself, my ultimate truth – i.e. what is important to me and what is not. I never know what I am going to discuss when I arrive but somehow it all tumbles out and you have this gifted intuition of how to lead me to make sense of it all. And the best thing is that each session always comes full circle with a resolution to issues or ideas that were once overwhelming or unmanageable. I leave your home with resources to maintain the blissfully happy high and fulfilled state of being.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you really have touched and opened my life for the better.



I see white light with pink surrounding it, this is the space that is created when I step into the womb of your room. There is silence, it is so silent that I can hear myself speaking and responding to your questioning and noticing my felt body senses. You are able to visualize and gently direct me into my body to have an experience with myself, this questioning you do comes from your creativity and intuition.

The essence of your being within the session is purity as my experience is you go right to the core of my inner conflict, I sense your passion and excitement that we are both inside and I feel such safety in this knowing that my body knows it is safe to express whatever comes up, absolutely no judgment whatsoever. Your true ” being” is working with the body and responding directly to the body.



Sessions could be described as “Psychic Counseling” as Karima can see directly what the issue at the moment is (using energy/chakra readings), with complete clarity and love, to bring real light and healing to the part of you wishing to be seen. Every part of me feels open, expanded, safe and seen during her one-on-one sessions. In every session I have felt completely and deeply heard and acknowledged, she has been 100% present with me in every moment, every moment has been new and a total gift… I have yet to come up with something, some situation or problem or issue, that has not been met with complete understanding and the exact tools needed at that moment to help me see myself with deeper clarity and empathy. The space in the session is always totally safe and nourishing; it is an oasis for growth and inner work.



Each session is so unique with life-changing outcomes. To be able to take responsibility and control of your own life is extremely empowering and inspiring. Working with Karima has improved my life in leaps and bounds and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I have been able to look at life and deal with its ups and downs with such grace and respect. Thank you for showing me how to love life and mainly how to love myself and be empowered. You are a true angel!

Going into deep relaxed meditations and just letting go, letting whatever the subconscious wants to guide you to or even through, whether it be emotions, fears, embracing the inner child or even past lives is experienced in the most sacred and safest space. The total feeling of non-judgment and unconditional love is awe-inspiring and so refreshing. Each experience whether it be from Journey work to Energy Readings is always a thrill that brings you closer to your truth and taking control and responsibility for your life and self. With each session your eyes are opened to a whole new way of living and balance.



Thank god for Karima – having brought a wealth of experience and knowledge from spending 20 years in a healing community she now spreads that healing and love to Sydney. There is no one like Karima and I would recommend her for every aspect of healing



Sometimes life’s journey throws up uncertain thoughts, feelings and actions in us all. I found Karima through very close friends who recommended her warmly and with enthusiasm. With her guidance and gentle questioning, I have explored and enhanced my intuition and put clarity to life’s challenges. Regular ‘maintenance’ sessions are booked in and I, and everyone around me benefits from my grounded presence. I continue to recommend Karima to all my friends (and anyone who will listen!)