Welcome to the Inner Alchemy School


Karima is the founder of the Inner Alchemy School.

She has been exploring the mysteries of the inner world for the past 44 years.

Her passion is to ignite a person’s fascination with their inner world.


Her work allows people to love themselves and take responsibility for their lives.

The Holistic Therapy she is offering is bridging therapy and meditation.


She loves to support people in getting to know themselves on all possible levels.

She has developed her unique style and is using whatever modality is most suitable for the client at that specific time.

Her extensive training and experience allow her to facilitate a wide range of issues.


Her understanding is that a better world starts with healthy fulfilled individuals.

She offers this work to allow people to become that and live a balanced life on all levels.


In Becoming Whole, Karima: a holistic therapist and meditation teacher, shares the emotional and spiritual toolkit she has gathered over the last 42 years through her own inner transformation work and as a therapist.


Becoming Whole details personal and universal laws of transformation alongside a step by step guide to opening your heart, learning to feel, coming into your body and healing your inner child. All whilst activating an inner guidance system—the system that enables us to make the best decisions for our lives on all levels. With these steps as your guide, you’ll find a deep, calm place of self-acceptance. Understand and practise all the steps and connection to true nature and the feeling of being safely home, is guaranteed.










Holistic Therapy and Meditation for Individuals, Couples and Groups

About Karima


My work is an expression of my love and my passion. What I share in my work is an outcome…

Individual Sessions


Karima has been working with individuals and couples for the past 35 yrs. In these sessions…

Empowering Women


In this 4 week online course, we will look at the lengths we go to as women to fit in

and maintain harmony...


Karima is one of the most beautiful and gifted therapists. I have participated in her workshops and knew that one day I wanted to work in a one to one situation with her. Looking for deeper spiritual connection to my life and myself that time came earlier this year. Working with Karima has been the most heart warming experience. Her work is profoundly intuitive and empowering. Karima has guided me through my fear, pain and blocks to have a direct experience with my true essence – to the knowledge that is held in my body, to a place of complete beauty and gratitude. I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to work with her.   



Sometimes life’s journey throws up uncertain thoughts, feelings and actions in us all. I found Karima through very close friends who recommended her warmly and with enthusiasm. With her guidance and gently questioning, I have explored and enhanced my intuition and put clarity to life’s challenges. Regular ‘maintenance’ sessions are booked in and I, and everyone around me benefits from my grounded presence. I continue to recommend Karima to all my friends (and basically anyone who will listen!)