by Karima Andrea Eames

Reviews and feedback

I am looking forward to receiving your feedback.

 From my reading of Becoming Whole: The Art of Inner Transformation,

I am impressed by Karima's expertise and her knowledge of the different ways of

dealing with people’s problems and traumas.

Karima has a wide range of understanding of psychological tools and of profound methods of transformation.

At the same time, she’s found her unique way of growing and healing herself

as well as the thousands of people that she has worked with.

I find it, also, very touching how she exposes her own inner journey of maturing and awakening.

The book offers very mature and comprehensive guidance and I can highly recommend it –

it is sure to be a gift to all healers, therapists, parents, teachers and everybody who is working with people.

Turiya Hanover, Cofounder of Path of Love; Founder of School of Counselling – Working with People trainings;

working with people since 1975;

Every day for over 14 years I am blessed to be immersed and to witness your beautiful energy,

limitless passion, and commitment to healing and truth

Reading Becoming Whole has given me a deeper understanding of you and your journey. 

Every day I am so inspired by you and now I have this amazing book to help make my life even more rewarding.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your husband Terry

What a beautiful book!

It is the book I wish I had been able to read in my 20’s so your readers will be very fortunate.

Lovely examples and teaching stories throughout the book. 

All the personal stories add depth and sweetness and can really trigger insights in the reader.

Great examples of client sessions and your work in them. 

Your gentle, non-pushing approach is a breath of fresh air!

Therapists will find this book very useful and helpful too, in terms of both approach and techniques

I can really see how you poured your heart into the book.

I believe it will help the audience, both in the short and long-term.

It’s great to read a book that provides ideas for immediate relief of distress

as well as a game-plan and goal for deep healing work.

Raji Munro, Author of 'Dreams and You'

Becoming Whole provides a unique pathway to healing trauma and

transforming disturbing emotions in both body and mind.

Karima is masterful at guiding the reader through the landscape of the heart and soul.

You will find radical and lasting transformation within these pages.

Let this book be your compass.

Lawrence Ellyard, Best-Selling Author of 'The Spirit of Water' and

CEO/Founder of The International Institute for Complementary Therapists


Becoming Whole is an in-depth guide to the psychology of transformation.

It draws on real experiences from the inner world 

and shows us that we all have the capacity to find meaning in everyday life.

It covers everything from self inflicted chaos and detrimental thought patterns

to absolute peace and acceptance of one’s existence.

The book, if read correctly, can be used as a guide to understanding your mind

and using your anxieties and pain as utilities to overcome hardship and grief,

from the loss of a family member to not being able to go to your favourite movie.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is curious about internal development

or has an interest in the spiritual and psychological aspects of the human condition.

Daniel Larsen, Musician 

Karima has such a deep knowledge and understanding of both the psychological and the spiritual

that is melded seamlessly in this book. 

I found it deep and profound and yet not at all heavy reading.

She kept it light and upbeat and yet did not shy away from hard topics.

It was presented in easy-to-read segments

which meant I could pick it up and put it down without feeling I had lost the flow.

It presents you with the opportunity to explore your emotional and spiritual worlds gently

with courage and compassion, nothing forced. 

I found Karima's book to be very supportive, enriching and full of easy-to-use tools

I can utilise to support my on-going journey.

Kate Manners, Director / Mall Audio Ltd,

Karima writes beautifully, bringing together her experience with esoteric wisdom,

meditation and modern psychology, with great sincerity and depth.

She offers so many valuable practical tools and insights.

Although profound, these are very simple and effective and you can practice them anywhere anytime.

As you read and explore the chapters you feel Karima's friendly support and encouragement.

Helping our understanding, acceptance and courage to let go of what may no longer be useful or nourishing.  

Becoming Whole is a wonderful tool for anyone at any stage

who is interested to explore wellness and inner transformation

Rupa H Selecki BHSc TCM MAcS, Energy healer and Teacher,


As my gift to you, for purchasing Becoming Whole: The Art of Inner Transformation, you'll receive a copy of my Becoming Whole: Heart Meditations downloadable guide.



In her early 20s, Karima Andrea Eames left Germany and a promising career path as a psychologist, to uncover the mysteries of the inner world. The search took her to India where, for 20 years, she lived in a spiritual commune and joined their Mystery School where she was initiated into the Art of Inner Alchemy. Karima discovered a world inside herself free from any form of suffering, where pain, guilt, shame, fear, unworthiness and isolation simply didn’t exist.


She is trained in psychology, counselling, breath and energy work, basic trauma healing skills, esoteric sciences, aura soma, Reiki and energy reading. She holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage and Aromatherapy and is an accredited Journey Therapist.


Karima has been based in Sydney for the past 22 years but has shared her teachings worldwide.