Welcome to "The Journey"


At the core of everyone there is a pristine diamond waiting to shine.

We all come with specific gifts that we can share on this earth.

Everyone of us has such potential, abundant creativity and so much love waiting to be released.

It is already here. It is our nature.

The Journey work can help to clear, unblock and liberate this boundless potential.

It can free us to live and share our deepest selves.

It’s a bit like polishing the diamond that is almost unrecognizable,

yet with some attention will reveal its innate capacity to brilliantly shine.


Journey sessions


Karima is an accredited Journey therapist.

She has participated in the Journey Practitioners Training in the year 2003


Emotional Journey


The EMOTIONAL JOURNEY is a profound experience of feeling one’s emotions fully,

without judgment and without the story.

The willingness to meet these previously resisted emotions reveals that at the core is peace.

Through a simple yet powerful process of moving through layers of emotions,

one can finally experience the true nature of being, of joy, of peace, of love, of wisdom

– the experience of SOURCE energy is different for each of us and different each time.

No matter what fragrance shows up, the essence of truth, of beingness is unmistakable.

For many people to know the truth of their Being is enough to shift their lives forever.

One taste of who you really are and the story of “who you are not” begins to unravel.


Physical Journey


The PHYSICAL JOURNEY allows you to access cell memories stored in the body.

Through a process of emptying out stored emotions that were not experienced or expressed at the time, a natural forgiveness arises.

This forgiveness is fundamental in the healing process.

Emotions stored in the body can often lead to physical, emotional or psychological imbalance or illness.

These held emotions and memories can be released, allowing the body to go about it’s business of healing naturally

as it does all the time without our conscious awareness.


Designer Journey


The DESIGNER PROCESS is a very comprehensive process that allows healing to happen on all levels.

It combines The Physical and The Emotional Journey plus advanced skills.

It is scientifically designed to allow deep cellular healing.

It is one of the most comprehensive healing modalities available on the planet at the moment.

It can take up to 3 hours or more and can be a liberating journey into freedom.

It is recommended to read Brandon Bay’s book “The Journey” before beginning any Journey work.

For more info pl have a look on the Journey homepage



“Your body is the barometer of your soul.

Be still and tune into your gut instincts and impulses.

The body’s signals are more sensitive and refined than those of your thinking mind.

Listen more deeply to the nudges, twinges and inner knowings that occur when choice is at hand,

and your path will be effortlessly clear.

Stored inside our bodies are repressed cell memories, old unresolved emotions and long-standing unaddressed issues.

Your body is asking you to face and release these old blocks, so that your body and Being can begin to heal naturally“.

Brandon Bays