The Heart Group

Welcome to The Heart Group,

where we embrace the power of meditation

to open and nourish the heart.

Heart meditations are designed to cultivate

love, compassion, and inner peace.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner,

The Heart Group welcomes anybody interested in meditation.

Together, we create a supportive and welcoming space

to explore the depths of our hearts and connect with ourselves and others in a meaningful way.

Join us and experience the transformative and healing power

of heart meditations.

Here is a link to receive the free meditation booklet that this group is based on.

If you have my book, PART 4– OPENING TO THE HEART will also be a great support for the group.

The meditations are paused for now!


Click this link to watch previous meditations.


The theme of our first meeting on August 30th was

"Shifting from the head to the heart".


Our second meeting on September 13th included a

teaching on protection and a guided meditation called:

"Travelling through the layers of the heart".


Our third meeting on October 11th was on self-love

and accessing the quality of love in our hearts for self-healing

and healing others.


Our fourth meeting on October 25th included a

teaching on resistance and acceptance

and a meditation called "All is welcome here".

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🌐 Event Host: Karima Eames supported by Ash Perrow

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Here is our mission statement:

The Heart Group is an evolving and transformative space

where we co-create in synchronicity.

Our shared intention is for all of us to journey within 

and discover the treasure chest of our hearts,

embracing its beauty and intrinsic qualities.

Through mutual support and understanding,

we encourage a heart-centred way of living, 

listening to the heart's whispers

as it guides us on our journey of self-discovery.

Connecting to the truth and wisdom of our hearts

allows us to live an authentic life

filled with love, compassion and purpose.