Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy


Coming home to yourself



The purpose of Inner Alchemy is to explore who we truly are and our potential as human beings.

Inner Alchemy refers to the alchemical tradition where it was understood that if you found the “philosopher's stone”,

you would be able to transmute baser metals into gold.

It was of course a metaphor that referred to an inner transformation.




Main alchemical tools or "the philosopher's stone" are


Loving Acceptance

Non-judgmental Awareness



Energy & Aliveness




Inner Alchemy is the art of transforming any state of suffering like unworthiness, loneliness or sadness

into an essential state like love, joy or peace.


At the heart of Inner Alchemy are love and acceptance.

By love is meant that whatever presents itself within us is welcomed and given space to be exactly as it is.


The art of inner alchemy is in learning the knack of accepting whatever manifests itself in our life and welcoming it.


The alchemical exploration happens in a space of non-judgmental Awareness,

which is like an inner scientist that is very curious and not rejecting or judging anything.


And the exploration happens in an atmosphere of meditation, which is the art of being present.

Through being completely present with the issue understanding from a place beyond the mind arises.


The transformation of what we call “negative” emotions or energies or patterns, old habits and beliefs,

happens inside ourselves when we apply these basic alchemical tools.

In allowing and exploring all the layers that reveal themselves, any issue is transformed into an essential energy, into something beautiful within us, thus revealing more and more of who we are.

A side effect of that is more energy & aliveness.


In other words, any form of disconnection from ourselves becomes the doorway into a deeper connection again.

Or any form of suffering becomes the doorway to liberation.