“One has to learn not only to rejoice in the day but rejoice in the night too – it has its own beauty. The peaks have their glory; the valleys have their richness. Whatever comes, enjoy it as part of natural growth. Just remember one thing: accept everything that life gives to you. If you are alive, climates will change, seasons will change; and you have to learn through winters, through summers, through rains. You have to pass through all these seasons with a dance in your heart, knowing perfectly well that existence is never against you. So whatever it gives, it may be bitter, but it is a medicine.” Osho

“This is the method of compassion: drink in all the suffering and pour out all the blessings. You will be surprised if you do it. The heart immediately transforms the energy. The heart is a transforming force: drink in misery, and it is transformed into blissfulness … then pour it out. Once you have learned that your heart can do this magic, this miracle, you will like to do it again and again. Try it. It is one of the most practical methods – simple, and it brings immediate results. Do it today, and see.” Osho “The Book of Wisdom” Chapter 1

It was 1993 or 1994, I was living in India for a few years in a spiritual commune learning how to meditate and live consciously. During lunch with two of my girlfriends a crucial moment happened when one of them spoke:

"I would love to find a new way of sharing with my female friends. I am tired of sharing something and then having the other person immediately respond with their own experience without fully listening to me. It really frustrates me. I feel I don't have enough space and don't feel heard or understood."

Part of the language of the feminine is introducing rituals again into everyday life. Today I will share with you a beautiful, simple, cleansing ritual. The ritual has to do with inner beauty, the beauty that radiates from inside when we feel good. 

It is called ‘Esoteric Body Scrub’ or ‘How to make yourself sparkle’.

I am lost. How did I get here? I don’t recognise anything. I can see trees, but where am I? Nothing looks right. I know this is a forest, but which way am I meant to go? 

I start walking into the forest as the outer landscape, these barren fields don’t look attractive at all. At least there’s some green in the forest.

There is no obvious path so I make my way through the trees, walking on leaves. I move deeper into the forest but still have no idea which direction I’m meant to take. Then, my heart begins to relax a bit; something about this feels right. I keep walking with a little more determination drawn to, what I assume is, the centre of the forest. It’s not too bad here. Actually, quite nice. Birds sing and the sun is shining through the trees.