My Book


by Karima Andrea Eames

This book contains a map to a treasure chest.

A treasure chest that is brimming with your true nature where you are free from suffering. And when you discover the treasure chest that lives in each one of us, it feels exactly like coming home.

 In Becoming Whole, Karima: a holistic therapist and meditation teacher, shares the emotional and spiritual toolkit she has gathered over the last 42 years through her own inner transformation work and as a therapist.


Becoming Whole details personal and universal laws of transformation alongside a step by step guide to opening your heart, learning to feel, coming into your body and healing your inner child. All whilst activating an inner guidance system—the system that enables us to make the best decisions for our lives on all levels. With these steps as your guide, you’ll find a deep, calm place of self-acceptance. Understand and practise all the steps and connection to true nature and the feeling of being safely home, is guaranteed.


Becoming Whole offers an intimate view and insights from stories and interviews with clients over the past 34 years.

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As my gift to you, for purchasing Becoming Whole: The Art of Inner Transformation, you'll receive a copy of my Becoming Whole: Heart Meditations downloadable guide.



In her early 20s, Karima Andrea Eames left Germany and a promising career path as a psychologist, to uncover the mysteries of the inner world. The search took her to India where, for 20 years, she lived in a spiritual commune and joined their Mystery School where she was initiated into the Art of Inner Alchemy. Karima discovered a world inside herself free from any form of suffering, where pain, guilt, shame, fear, unworthiness and isolation simply didn’t exist.


She is trained in psychology, counselling, breath and energy work, basic trauma healing skills, esoteric sciences, aura soma, Reiki and energy reading. She holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage and Aromatherapy and is an accredited Journey Therapist.


Karima has been based in Sydney for the past 22 years but has shared her teachings worldwide.