Energy Reading


Energy Readings


Energy Readings nourish the longing to be deeply seen, felt and heard.

It is very healing to be met at such depth.


A reading supports the potential and qualities you are born with.

It shines light on what is in the way and shows ways to transform inner limitations.


Your energy will be read in an atmosphere of non judgmental loving awareness.


A Reading is based on the map of the 7 chakras or energy centres.

Each chakra is a doorway into a specific aspect of your inner world.

Any issue can be read ie: abundance, relationship, work, health and more.

The reading happens from the centre of the heart chakra,

which has the quality of mirroring –

like a silent lake clearly reflects images.


Each reading is unique and whatever is most needed for you in your journey towards wholeness will be reflected.


The language and symbols of a reading communicate directly with the client’s subconscious mind

and are usually very meaningful to them.


A reading translates the subconscious world so that it can be understood by the conscious mind.

The special quality of a reading is the space it creates within the client.

As the session progresses, the heart of the client gradually opens to receive what is being said.

Something that has been hidden or encapsulated within their subconscious begins to reveal itself, step by step,

like a seed opening its shell and beginning to grow.


At times it can be like a metaphysical surgery,

at other times it is a joyous honouring of your gifts and beauty.

Often the experience is of feeling truly seen,

or of hearing words put on intuitions or feelings the client somewhere knew, yet did not quite trust.


A great gift to yourself or a friend.